My Deepest Gratitude

“In 1973 the first album of ‘Los Humildes’ Band was recorded, from which emerged two great hits that were ‘Ambición’ and ‘Amor Eterno’; and without having the slightest idea, after 45 years, we remain active with a number of successes that followed that pair of hits.

Today more than 45 years since those beginnings; first of all, I want to thank you for your preference, which fills me with enthusiasm and great pride to present to all of you this great project that we have been preparing, with the same dedication as always; The Great Concert of the Tour: “Our Vivencias“/ Our Memories. The Concert is full of surprises and hard preparation; obviously we are present with my musical band, we are accompanied by our emblematic Mariachi, and of course, we are also accompanied by the traditional music of the Banda Sinaloense; as well as some special guests.

With the production of this Tour I want to thank all those who have directly and indirectly been part of our musical career. My special thanks goes to my great colleagues and artists who have collaborated to the validity and my humble musical career. Our purpose is to give you a great musical evening to make you remember, sigh, enjoy and live yesterday in the present, with our unique style of ‘Los Humildes Hnos. Ayala’.

I also want to thank The Management of Del Mar Latin, who with their talent and support have made possible the realization and production of The Great Concert of the Tour: “Our Vivencias“/Our Memories.

Thank God for giving me health, and thank you all of you for the love you have given me for more than 45 years.

Siempre Humilde José Luis Ayala